Waha Montessori is a Chinese-American preschool providing daily instruction in both English and Mandarin. Our unique bilingual setting follows Maria Montessori’s philosophy and teachings. This means we have a well-rounded curriculum. We offer English program and Mandarin Chinese program during the day, and an afterschool enrichment program for older children. Our curriculum integrates all subject areas including math, English, art, science and cultural studies. All material is provided in both Mandarin and English. Each classroom consists of two teachers, one English teacher and one Chinese teacher creating an intimate 1-12, 1-8 or 1-6 ratio within the classroom allowing for circle time, small group time and one on one time. With this strong foundation Waha Montessori creates a child-centered environment, treating all children as individuals and providing differentiated learning methods to meet all children’s unique needs, enabling them to explore their environment. Our teachers are skilled in providing instruction through music, physical activity, visual aids and hands-on avenues. Students are also enabled to make a natural connection to their learning as many animals and insects are kept on-sight for students to observe their natural life cycles. 

Waha Montessori provides daily instruction in extra-curricular activities. Students have regular physical fitness time through free play or structured activities. Students also partake in cooking class, music and singing, and regular practice for celebrations where students have the opportunity to show parents all their hard work through singing, dancing and drama. Waha Montessori also provides specialty classes, such as chess, drawing, ballet, dance class, basketball, soccer, yoga and more. These popular classes are taught by professional instructors and are offered to students as a supplementary enrichment option.

It is a well known fact that the most important years of a child’s life are from 0-6 years. These are the years where children gain the most knowledge in their lifetime. At Waha Montessori Your child will gain a strong, well-rounded academic and extra-curricular basis in two languages. Just as important your child will gain social skills, manners, and continuous positive encouragement. We at Waha, are constantly working on building a nurturing and academically strong school for our students, and we invite all parents to join us in this vision.